Affogato, in Italian literally translates to “drowned.” It is a classic Italian dessert!

One where hot meets cold and creates a luscious, dreamy concoction that is just perfect for those searingly hot and sticky days, such as the ones Montreal has been experiencing this past week.

The freshly brewed deep and rich aromas of my parents stove top coffee, always had me up and out of bed early when I was younger. Once seated at the table my mamma would serve me a bowl of my favorite cereals with milk and a little splash of her morning coffee. It certainly had me feeling all grown up. I suppose this is how my love of coffee began and still continues to this day.

A traditional affogato is served with one scoop of ice-cream and a shot of espresso. My version here is somewhat more indulgent. I initially wanted to make this a two ingredient recipe, however, I could not resist adding some of my freshly baked chocolate anise biscotti. To compliment the anise flavor of the biscotti, I added a shot of Sambuca. This makes for one very delicious and heavenly affogato!


To achieve the very best results, do use a good quality coffee and not the instant variety. It just will not do in this recipe! Also it bears mentioning to chill your serving glasses before scooping in the ice-cream and pouring in the coffee. Better yet, prepare ahead of time by placing 1 scoop of ice-cream in a freezer proof serving glass, sprinkle with crushed biscotti and top with another scoop of ice cream and place in your freezer. When ready to serve remove from freezer, pour warm coffee and the Sambuca over the ice-cream and sprinkle with more crushed biscotti.

This is one easy and super creamy Affogato! Try it, you will in love it…

What is your favorite coffee drink? I would love to hear from you!!


I have had quite a few recipes lined up for this month but it has been super busy these past few weeks as I have been catering platters of cookies for various occasions. As much as I enjoy baking for family and friends, I do miss my baby blog!


Coming soon is my Chocolate Anise Biscotti recipe so do come back!!

Affogato, a classic Italian coffee and ice-cream dessert, with a shot of Sambuca and sprinkled with crushed chocolate anise biscotti.
Recipe type: Dessert
Cuisine: Italian
Serves: 2
  • 4 generous scoops of vanilla ice-cream
  • 4 ounces hot espresso coffee
  • 2 ounces Sambuca
  • ½ cup, crushed biscotti (approximately)
  • 2 chilled dessert glasses or cups
  1. Place 1 generous scoop of vanilla ice-cream in each well chilled dessert glass or cup.
  2. Sprinkle each scoop with some crushed biscotti.
  3. Top with a 2nd scoop of ice-cream.
  4. Pour 2 ounces of hot espresso into each glass.
  5. Pour 1 ounce of Sambuca into each glass and sprinkle with remaining crushed biscotti


  1. This is affogato overkill!!!

  2. Affogato is an alltime favorite and can’t wait for your biscotti recipe they look amazing.

  3. Beautiful dessert Marissa! xo

  4. 😋no fear, Marisa, I will not go anywhere. I can not make this here due to the fact that I can not get 2 of the main ingredients, but I like reading this recipe and dream. But I am waiting for the biscuit recipe. 🙂

    • I am curious as to which ingredients are difficult to find in your area! And thank-you I shall not keep you waiting too long…😊

  5. Perfect make in advance dessert for summer evenings Marisa, I can’t wait for the anise biscotti recipe x

  6. My favorite affogato is at Eatly. I go to the one in Chicago. They do a simple affogato with just ice cream and espresso, but with very special vanilla ice cream – imported from Italy, made from milk of special cows who graze on special grass… etc. etc. So Italian! and the flavor is wonderful! Your idea with the biscotti and café “corretto” as they say in Italy sounds delicious, too.

    • How wonderful that you have “Eataly” nearby! I am a little bit envious right now…lol. I recently bought their cookbook cannot wait to try some of their recipes. Thanks for dropping by😊

      • If the mini restaurants they have in their establishment are any indication, you will love their recipes! Just simple Italian food, well-made, which somehow is always the best.

  7. Affogato has been a real addiction , and hit at my house! It has introduced Steven to coffee!!!!! Imagine he never had coffee in the past!!!! And Yvan , addicted to my 4liter ice cream container!!!! Tku for your recipe!!! We will most defiantly enjoy it when in the mood for a twist of alcohol!!!!! Xoxoxoxo

  8. This looks so wonderful, Marisa! Going to pin it right away! 🙂

  9. Gorgeous! I love your additions!

  10. Wow Marisa, you really managed to take the Affogato to a new level with the Sambuca and biscotti. Such a wonderful dessert.

  11. A terrific spin on a classic, a bit more elegant. I love your suggestion of preparing the ice cream beforehand.

    • Bella, it was even more delicious after freezing the ice-cream together with the coffee and Sambuca! I foresee it being a regular summer dessert 🙂

  12. I’ve heard of affogato but have never it. Your version sounds like a must try…perfect for this summer.

  13. This looks incredible!! I’m so trying this Marisa!

    • Thanks Renee! It was even better after my photo shoot…I popped it back in the freezer for a few hours and had it as an after supper dessert!! Yum 🙂

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  15. Yum! Recently my friend did tell me about Affogato, but she said nothing of the Sambuca! Lol, thanks Marisa!

  16. Oh my this looks so perfect for this hot June day! I have had affogato on my mental list of things to experiment with but you have done it for me. Very yummy and beautiful Marisa.

  17. this looks amazing! Sorry it took so long but on my phone it takes me to your other site from before!! xxx

  18. Oh my I just wish I could have a couple bites of that delicious dish of Affogato! I am a coffee lover and I think it’s because my grandmother let us dunk our cookies into it.