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Schiacciata Con L'uva

Schiacciata Con L'uva

Schiacciata con l'uva is a sweet flatbread with grapes, a seasonal dish that is traditionally made during the grape harvest in Tuscany.
Course Tuscan Flatbread
Cuisine Italian
Servings 24 pieces
Author Marisa


  • Focaccia dough
  • 2 cups water
  • 4 tbs olive oil
  • 4 to 5 cups of all purpose flour
  • 2 tbs sugar
  • 1 tsp kosher salt
  • 1 packet “quick rise” instant yeast Fleischmann’s 8 grams
  • Topping
  • 2 cups grapes picked off the stem
  • 2 teaspoons chopped fresh rosemary
  • 2 tablespoons granulated sugar
  • extra virgin olive oil for drizzling


  • Heat 2 cups of water with 4 tablespoons of olive oil in the microwave for 60 to 90 seconds or till lukewarm.
  • Stir the warm liquids in the flour mixture with a wooden spoon, mixing well.
  • Stir in another cup of flour till combined.
  • Invert the dough onto a well floured counter and knead for a few minutes, working in the last cup of flour a bit at a time just until the dough is soft and smooth. (I only used up to 1/2 cup of the remaining flour).
  • Grease a large bowl with some olive oil. Place your pizza dough in the greased bowl turning the dough to grease all over. Cover with saran wrap.
  • Let it rise till it doubles in size for about 1 1/2 to 2 hours, in a draft free place. (on a sunny day I place my bowl in direct sunlight and this helps tremendously with the rising).
  • When your dough has doubled in size, transfer it onto a floured work space.
  • Grease a 17x11 rimmed baking sheet (or any large baking sheet you have) with some olive oil and then lightly sprinkle evenly with cornmeal. This will prevent the dough from sticking to the pan and impart a lovely crunch.
  • Cut the dough in half and working with one piece at a time roll it out to the size of your pan. (its ok if it does not entirely reach the edges).
  • Place the first layer of rolled out dough on your prepared pan.
  • Layer 1 cup of the grapes, evenly spread, onto the dough while pressing them slightly into the dough.
  • Sprinkle 1 tablespoon of sugar and 1 teaspoon of chopped rosemary, evenly onto the first layer of dough. Drizzle with some extra virgin olive oil.
  • Roll out the second piece of dough and layer it onto prepared first layer. Press down slightly and pinch the edges together.
  • Spread the remaining grapes over the top layer of dough, again pressing down into the dough.
  • Sprinkle with an additional 1 tablespoon of sugar and 1 teaspoon of chopped rosemary.
  • Drizzle more extra virgin olive oil evenly over the top layer.
  • Bake the flatbread in a preheated oven, at 350 degrees F, for about 35 to 40 minutes or until the dough is a nice golden brown and the grapes are oozing with delicious goodness.