Author: Marisa


Broccoli and Chicken Farfalle

A hearty pasta dish, Broccoli and Chicken Farfalle. You’ll find that a meal such as this one satisfies both the carnivores and vegetable lovers as well as those who need an occasional carbohydrate fix. After suffering a nasty bout of the flu in the last few weeks, I must say it feels pretty […]

Baci Di Dama
Italian Cookies

Baci di Dama

Baci di Dama or rather Lady’s Kisses are melt-in-your-mouth hazelnut cookies which are nestled together with a dollop of dark silky chocolate. These light and delicate hazelnut morsels are one of Italy’s famous cookies and were made popular by the pastry shops of Tortona in the province of Alessandria which is […]