Author: Marisa


Triple Chocolate Cookies

Here’s a heavenly decadent cookie. Chock full of both semi-sweet and white chocolate chunks and semi-sweet chocolate chips. Soft and chewy with loads of gooey chocolate…just the way I like my cookies. I brought these cookies into work yesterday and passed them around at the busiest time of the day. […]


Rustic Italian Apple Cake

This Rustic Apple Cake is a classic in Italy!  Ideal as a tasty afternoon snack or dressed up with a scoop of ice-cream for an after supper delight. There are many versions of this cake, crowned with layers upon layers of sliced apples. It is moist and tangy from the […]

Tropical Chocolate Banana Pecan Bread
Sweet Loaf

Tropical Chocolate Banana Pecan Bread

 An easy to bake Tropical Chocolate Banana Pecan Bread and simply heavenly! The very first time I brought this banana bread in at work, a co-worker took one bite rolled her eyes and uttered  “orgasmic”! It’s most certainly that good. This tropical chocolate banana pecan bread will be a huge hit […]