Author: Marisa


Rustic Italian Apple Cake

This Rustic Apple Cake is a classic in Italy!  Ideal as a tasty afternoon snack or dressed up with a scoop of ice-cream for an after supper delight. There are many versions of this cake, crowned with layers upon layers of sliced apples. It is moist and tangy from the […]


Amaretto Biscotti

I have a love affair with biscotti, my guilty pleasure! Well…one of them, I may have a few more. This Italian, twice baked cookie is very popular in coffee shops. I always feature at least one flavor on my sweet table or cookie platter. You can slice and bake them […]

Cake Pops

Winter Themed Cake Pops

Cookie baking is a holiday tradition which I look forward to every year. I literally bake hundreds of cookies to share with family and friends. Co-workers eagerly await my annual platter of sweet confections. I jokingly call it “extreme baking”! A few weeks ago we headed over to my sister-in-law’s […]